Acupuncture – The Point of Well Being

In 2006, The On board Spa by Steiner launched a worldwide acupuncture program on every major cruise line. This step toward integrating acupuncture into the cruising experience has revealed a very promising trend, namely that people heal faster when they are on vacation. Results also suggest that cruise line guests are more open to trying integrative healing techniques because they have more time to understand the benefits and have the ability to speak informally with a licensed acupuncturist. Although this may seem obvious to the many that seek destination spas for healing, the dramatic effects that guests experience from their acupuncture treatments at sea emphasize the importance of environment and state of mind when pursuing better health. When guests finish their acupuncture treatment on board they are relaxed and unhurried, their main orientation the calming serenity of the sea rather than the pressures of urban life, which in many cases prove to be the root of their problem. It is no wonder then that since 2006, when The Onboard Spa by Steiner launched the acupuncture program, they have carried out over 700,000 acupuncture treatments. Rest assured most of these guests experienced acupuncture for the first time.

Working onboard was really rewarding. I introduced acupuncture to many who would never have tried it if they weren’t exposed to the healing benefits of traditional Chinese medicine in such an intimate setting.

Stephanie Kimber
Manager of Traditional Chinese Medicine
(and one of the first acupuncturists at sea)

Working as an acupuncturist at sea is now a viable job option for practitioners seeking employment outside of private practice. Certainly the freedom of travel, the opportunity to save money, and the idea of adventure are what lures acupuncturists into applying for this job. However it is the experience of treating patients, business/marketing techniques, and public speaking opportunities which are the lasting benefits and unforeseen advantages. Working as an acupuncturist at sea offers both newly and experienced licensed practitioners the ability to see the world while earning money by offering acupuncture to many who have never experienced it before.