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The following are testimonials from acupuncturists who have worked or who are still working onboard.
If you would like to chat with any acupuncturists who have worked for us,
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I don't believe there is any way better to prepare for opening a private acupuncture practice then to work on board a cruise ship.

I don't believe there is any way better to prepare for opening a private acupuncture practice then to work on board a cruise ship. The marketing, networking, public speaking, and above all hard work involved with working at sea could never be taught in a business class, or in a classroom at all. The acupuncture profession has not yet realized the immense value of internships post graduation. Working for Steiner is the closest thing to a residency or internship that as our profession has. At this point of the Steiner program the directors are well seasoned in supporting acupuncturists on ships with any issue that may come up. And, they’re licensed acupuncturists themselves, so they can even provide clinical support.

I run a high volume practice in Montpelier, VT. I am affiliated with my local hospital and run two private practice clinics inside primary care offices. I am fortunate that my practice is pretty close to fully booked, often with a 3-4 week waitlist for new patients.

The skills I learned onboard in regards to communicating with other medical and non-medical professionals helped me establish vital relationships with a large community of providers and hospital administrators.

The content I practiced in my public speaking appearances on board serve me well everyday as I educate both my patients and other medical providers about the benefits of acupuncture. That experience also helped me develop and teach classes at our local community college on holistic medicine.

The practice I ran on board seeing many patients per day allowed me to prepare for a high volume of patients in my private practice, sometimes seeing 25 patients per day. The highly efficient, administrative flow of my current practice was developed on board.

The marketing skills I acquired working with Steiner influence the branding of my private practice and allow me to create ads with confidence.

And finally the experience I gained with supervising other acupuncturists benefits my practice now, which employs five people and is on track to employ another 5 five within two years. I would be very enthusiastic about a former Steiner employee applying for a position with my clinic, knowing they have the above experience.

When I first stepped on board a ship in Ft Lauderdale many years ago, I thought I was going on a long vacation with a little bit of acupuncture along the way. I had no idea this experience would effect the rest of my life, or that I would meet my husband the same day!

Kerry Jenni (Boyle) L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Integrative Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


Business is growing at my practice in Florida

Dear Steiner Acu Team,
Business is growing at my practice in Florida. I gave 3 PPT seminars to 3 different Rotary clubs in 3 different cities within 24 hours last week. I continue to work the business side of healing in order to practice. It is continual and ongoing. I could have never done this and enjoyed success without Steiner. Your program continues to be the Masters in Business in our Chinese Medicine community. Never underestimate the far reaching affects of even one contract. I send well wishes to the best team our Chinese Medicine community could hope for. Hope you all are enjoying a fine summer.

Lisa Forsythe
Naples, Flordia

I found ample time to venture out into port cities

“In order to work on ships, you need to be very flexible. Change is the operative word. Depending on the length of the cruise—7,19, 12 days—the ship embarks and debarks several thousand guests. Crew members are changed on a regular basis, depending on the length of individual contracts, and that can be frustrating, sometimes even sad, seeing people you’ve come to love enter and exit so quickly. But it is a change that keeps the job interesting and reflects the constant shifting of scenery and locales. On the first day of the cruise, everyone coming on board is wide-eyed with enthusiasm and expectation and that is a spirit that carries through for the remainder of the cruise. Those who work on ships quickly acclimate and eventually anticipate waking up in a different port each day. One day arrive in Stockholm and the next drop anchor in St. Petersburg. Stop-over in Rome and the next day cruise into Athens. In my experience as an on-board acupuncturist, I found ample time to venture out into port cities, free to explore, free to leave behind
the demands of shipboard duties and better able to return to those duties, relaxed and renewed for the next leg of the journey. Obviously on a ship one is surrounded by the sea, enveloped by the sea, and that has a curiously calming effect on all who are aboard. The great expanse of blue never fails to evoke feelings of awe and serenity. Even the continual rocking of the ship, mostly gentle but sometimes not, seems to have a healing effect. We who practice the healing arts recognize the opportunity that presents for all who come to us seeking better health.”

Martha Vollenwider
Los Angeles, California

Acupuncture was the most popular treatment in the spa on my ship!

“If you have a passion for people and places and you enjoy practicing Chinese Medicine, then this is something you really must consider. The set up is there for you, promotions are in check and you don't have to worry about paying rent and other initial costs to run a business. I am still, to this day overwhelmed by the interest acupuncture receives at sea. I find people are very fascinated by it and they want to know more. Acupuncture was the most popular treatment in the spa on my ship!”

Dimitri Didaskalou
Melbourne, Australia

People are starving for holistic care and are willing to pay top dollar for your services

“To my fellow colleagues,
First of all, I would like to thank Dan, Steve, Stephanie and the entire Steiner management staff. You have embarked on an amazing program by introducing acupuncture into your spas on both land and sea. Acupuncture is an excellent adjunctive therapy to help your clientele in their individual growth and healing process. I am sitting in LaGuardia airport (NYC) after disembarking from working as an acupuncturist on the Norwegian Dawn for four consecutive months. The experience of working on the Dawn proved to be both lucrative and pleasurable; a profound experience. As an introduction, I will tell you that I have never seen a cruise ship before let alone cruised on one. Yet, I decided that this would be a great experience to practice Chinese Medicine within a slightly different framework. I had no idea what I was getting into!

I arrived at the Dawn on December 1st, 2005 and was immediately amazed with the awesomeness (both size and structure) of the ship. When I first embarked the ship, the current acupuncturist showed me to my room and made feel right at home. While I was initially surprised at the size of my cabin (small), I knew that I would adapt and it would serve as ample space for R&R. As for ‘the work’, hours are long but rewarding. The amount of potential patients that you can see is limitless and depends on your ability to present yourself and deliver the medicine that you know. People are starving for holistic care and are willing to pay top dollar for your services. Steiner provided excellent training to make my transition from land to sea and supported me both professionally and personally. As for the R&R, there was enough time for me to nourish myself at all levels while facilitating my patients to do the same. The islands were beautiful. In two months time I had explored all the ports that we docked in. I would do it again and recommend it to anyone whom desires to grow in their practice while exploring the world with a slightly different twist. Whether you are practicing on land or floating in the middle of the ocean, one thing is the same. We are connecting with people at whatever level we are willing to connect with ourselves.”
Bon Voyage!

Joshua Berka N.D., L.Ac.
Portland, Oregon

Thanks for giving me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received

Hello Dan and Stephanie,
“I am filled with so much gratitude towards you both for placing me on this ship.  It has been such a wonderful experience and I feel extremely blessed. I am really excited that I will be able to rejoin this ship after dry dock. Thanks for giving me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I will forever cherish the time I have had here and any time I have here in the future.”

Marie Veverka Lac.
Denver, Colorado

I see good things to come in the future

“I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity to practice acupuncture on a cruise ship and the chance to promote acupuncture as much as I could. I learned a lot and had a great time. I think acupuncture on a cruise is developing well as a way to promote acupuncture and doing business in general. I see good things to come in the future.”

Van Ngo
Los Angeles, CA.

I have developed immense trust in myself

“In my second extended contract on ships, I can say this has been an invaluable experience. Professionally, I have developed immense trust in myself and my ability as an unguided practitioner, have gained extreme comfort in public speaking, and take great pleasure in awakening many non-believers as to the power of our medicine. Personally, the relationships I've cultivated all over the world have broadened my perspective of what’s important and possible in life.”

Jessica Mann L.Ac
Ventura, California

You guys are providing strong support, an incredible service

“You all have been so wonderful and provided an amazing opportunity for me to grow as a person and a practitioner. Hoping you are well and wishing you, Stephanie and Martin all the best. You guys are providing strong support, an incredible service and have been helping so many people in the process. You have so much to be proud of. Thanks again for everything.”

William Sevillo L.Ac.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Not in a million CEU’s

“Not in a million CEU’s or years of practice can you get the clinical and sales and marketing experience available from practicing on board.”

James Caliendo L.Ac.
Del Ray Beach, Florida

It has been rewarding financially and socially

“I really have enjoyed this time on the Explorer. It has been rewarding financially and socially. I have a great team, spa manager, crew, staff, amazing itinerary; everything has been very good. I look forward to another contract.”

Daniel Nemer L.Ac.
Lafayette Hills, Pennsylvania

TCM at Sea was an irreplaceable growth experience.

“TCM at Sea was an irreplaceable growth experience. I honed my presentational skills, treated a vast variety of conditions, turning skeptics into believers and traveled while working. Rewarding and fun too, thanks for the opportunity!”

Gale O’Keefe
San Dimas, California

I know that I am prepared for success

“When I graduated TCM School in 2008, I had almost nothing in the way of savings, a lot of debt and no desire to work at anything other than acupuncture after 4 long years of hard schooling. The idea of slowly building a private practice with everything it entails just wasn’t nearly as attractive as stepping into a “job” where I could focus entirely on treating patients. At sea, the spa manager handles back office paperwork, the shore side team handles stock and supplies, the receptionist handles scheduling, referrals come fast and furious and marketing opportunities abound. Your sole job on the ship is to be a good acupuncturist. Four years later, I am still at sea. I am now working onboard the largest cruise ship in the world, sailing the Caribbean. The majority of the patients I treat suffer from chronic pain conditions such as lower back pain, knee pain, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, neck pain, migraines etc… I see about 50-70 patients a week, and of course, every 7 days I get all new cases. This sheer volume of experience has transformed me into a confident pain management and orthopedics specialist. I have developed strong public speaking skills and learned what works for me in terms of marketing and publicity. I’ve paid off some debt, saved money, gone on incredible vacations between contracts and made friends from all around the world. There are obvious sacrifices and challenges involved with life at sea and I know that I won’t work on ships forever, but when I do return to dry land and hang a shingle of my own or take a position in an integrative setting, I know that I am prepared for success.”

Rachel Waldman
San Diego, California

Working on the ship as an acupuncturist was one of the best decisions I ever made.

“Working on the ship as an acupuncturist was one of the best decisions I ever made. Where in the world can you make good money with travel benefits and still change people’s lives? Do I have challenges on ship life? Of course, but it is the same whether you are on land or sea. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of living on a cruise ship, I decided to focus on why I chose to work at sea and try to stay positive to get the best of whatever this cruise environment has to offer.”

Jasmine Woo
Los Angeles, California

Working on ships is a life changing gift

“Working on ships is a life changing gift. I came for one contract to see Alaska. One contract turned into six contracts. I turned 50 while sailing around the world the first time. I enjoyed two more circumnavigations, visiting over 100 countries, on all seven continents. I came for the travel but quickly learned I was in business boot camp. After over 12 years of successful practice in Florida, I found I was learning the business of healing for the very first time. Nobody teaches it better. Sales is the cutting edge of every business. What I recognized was that I had to sell myself, my services, and Chinese herbs. No business, no healing.”

Lisa Forsythe
Naples, Florida