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Why Work Onboard?

There are many reasons to work onboard, but here are the reasons most often quoted by acupuncturists who work with The Onboard Spa by Steiner.

1) The ability to practice acupuncture without investing in the overhead normally associated with starting a practice.

2) You get a jumpstart on your student loans. With no overhead on board you will be better positioned to get ahead on your student loans. You have virtually no  living expenses – food and boarding are all factored in.

3) Cruise line guests come from all over the world and many have not been exposed to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which gives the onboard acupuncturists an opportunity to educate the public about TCM and how it can improve their quality of life.

4) As guests are on vacation they have the time to explore new treatments and ideas.  This means that generally speaking, acupuncturists working onboard a cruise ship can be extremely busy.  Results are often seen immediately as the guests are more relaxed while on vacation – so healing is greatly improved in this environment.

5) Even though acupuncturists are part of a much larger spa team, running your column onboard is very much like running your own business.  You will give talks and seminars and have the opportunity to introduce as many guests to acupuncture as possible on any given day.

6) The working environment onboard luxury cruise ships is extremely clean and professional making it much easier for you to gain the confidence of guests.

7)  Less down time: as you live and work onboard the cruise ship you don’t have to factor in travel time to and from work. No cleaning, no grocery shopping, no everyday mundane activities.

8)  An obvious huge perk is travel.  Depending on your itinerary you could explore the islands of the Caribbean, the Alaskan glaciers or even the Mediterranean.

9) Meet and mix with the diverse cultures as embodied by the crew and the guests.  Make friends from all over the world.

10) Save money.  You are in unique position where you could actually save every penny you make as your fundamental needs are taken care of.